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Merry Christmas! Watch out for the grinches–

We’ve gotten quite a few calls from people wanting certified copies of the deeds to their homes.  Typically callers have received some “official” mail warning about bad consequences for not being able to prove ownership.  The “cure” is money, of course.  The sender usually promises to provide a “certified” copy of a deed for a “low” fee ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars.  These scams prey on the uninformed.  

Property ownership is a matter of public record in South Carolina.  Anyone with access to the internet may search online and print  copies of  deeds for properties in many counties for free.  Some counties charge an online access fee.  For property in counties where the recording office is not online, anyone  may visit those offices in person and search for and obtain copies of deeds.  Copies are usually available for a small copy charge, and ”certified” copies may cost more.  More importantly however, deeds which have been recorded in the appropriate county office where property is located give  notice of ownership to the world whether owners have copies or not.

–David & David

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